Top 5 Money Myths You Need To Leave Before 2020!

myths about money

We live in a society full of myths, lots of fake news surrounds us and we tend to believe them without questioning it. And it is so with money, From our childhood, we are told certain things about money which we are believing and never think about it. Here I am revealing the top 5 myths which we are believing from a certain time and need to be changed. You need Money to make Money We often hear about this one-liner “you need money to make money” but those days are gone now, we are living in 2020 and trust me you don’t need money to make money. It is an age of technology and artificial intelligence is taking over humans, You can sell anything from home to any part …

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Why Saving Money Is Important?

why saving is important

Do you save money?? Some of you might and some of you might not. But most of us do not save. We all can save money but we do not because we do not know it’s value.  Our parents have brought us up and they never made us feel the scarcity of money and we are not used to saving money. But money does have got some value and if we can understand it now; we can shape our lives differently. It’s not that we have to save a large sum of money, even small amounts compounded for long term can do wonders. We try to avoid savings because we love to spend on the things we like; we want to go to movies, we want to buy a new …

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How To Make 100 Crores?

Making money is always seems hard. It may be, but when it comes to building long term wealth we can build it by investing small amounts from our monthly income and taking the advantage of compounding. Today I’m gonna tell you how you can be in the richest 1% of the world population. You might be wondering is this some kind of joke, people work hard all their lives and still, they can not fight out money problems. Don’t worry all your doubts will get cleared in a few minutes. Let’s begin. Have you heard of the stock market? probably yes Do you invest in it? probably no Stock markets are the greatest investment class rather than any other investment, be it gold, bonds, fixed deposits, real estate. but we …

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What Is Stock Market?

A stock market is a place where you can buy shares of a company that is listed on it. Buying shares makes you the owner of the company to that extent. BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE(National Stock Exchange) are the two most widely known stock exchanges of India. Sensex and Nifty are the indexes of these exchanges respectively. i.e. Sensex represents the top 30 companies of India and Nifty represents the top 50 companies of India. Why Should We Invest? To make sure that you remain ahead of the inflation. Inflation eats up all your savings, and you do not get benefited by saving money. you earn and save money to be prepared for future needs but you forget about inflation “Money kept in a bank gives zero or negative return” …

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